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About AstroSpaceNow

What's the idea behind AstroSpaceNow?

We wanted to provide a quick, real-time view of relevant and interesting resources from the astronomy and space exploration communities. Since we started working on AstroSpaceNow, it has become our own discovery engine and personal newswire, and it's absolutely addictive for astro/space geeks like us: our pages update every five minutes with the lastest buzz from Twitter!
Who's behind AstroSpaceNow?

This service is being developed by Ricardo J. Tohmé at Devexel Web Studio.
How does AstroSpaceNow work?

AstroSpaceNow tracks several selected accounts from the astronomy and space exploration communities around the Twitterverse, sorting all their posts by date and category. We only look at public timelines and tweets, not direct messages or protected accounts.

To keep things fresh and the quality high, we're always looking for additional sources to track on Twitter. If you know of an interesting account related to astronomy or space exploration that you would want us to start tracking here, you can suggest it clicking on the "Feedback" tab at the left.
Can AstroSpaceNow track blogs and websites too?

Give it a few days, my friend. That feature is definitely on the way.
Do you have additional questions?

If this isn't enough information for you, or you need to get in touch with us, please use our contact form.
Additional ways to contact us

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